LYLE SOPEL STUDIO Inc. is a fine art sculpture studio located in Vancouver, Canada that creates museum caliber jade and gemstone works, ranging in stature from pedestal to life-sized, for the luxury art market.

Lyle Sopel is the founder and developer of a new form of fine art known as “Contemporary Jade Sculpture”. Embracing both the classical and the modern, Sopel’s fresh approach to a medium whose legacy spans over 5,000 years is a revolutionary move in the fine art world. The studio is reminiscent of the Renaissance era and is remarkably steeped in traditional methods of hand rendering, designing, modeling, and sculpting.

Sopel’s coveted world-class sculptures are profound expressions of his affinity with nature, texture, colour and form. Working with jade, tiger-eye, quartz-crystal, amethyst, lapis lazuli, rubies, sapphires, diamonds and precious metals, each of his rare and distinctive pieces emanates a museum caliber presence.

Commissioned to create the largest sitting Jade Buddha in North America, Sopel’s artistic intention is to continue to create innovative designs that capture what he refers to as “the spirit that exists in both the human and animal kingdoms.”

Sopel’s cadre of collectors includes celebrity art connoisseurs, heads of state and members of royalty who have appointed Sopel to create sculptures that are distinctively unique in theme and subject, and one of a kind in the world. Seeking out the finest precious and semi-precious jades and gemstones from around the globe, Sopel’s mandate is to incorporate only superior quality materials into his masterpieces. Contemporary art critic and author Dr. Zella Jackson has characterized Sopel as “being one of those extraordinary artists with whom only a handful exist in the world today”.

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