World class Jade Gem Sculptor Lyle Sopel is delighted to introduce his newest under 2 min video update – featuring up close and personal clips of in progress pieces and interviews with a surprise announcement below!

Considered a master sculptor in his medium of jade and gemstone. Lyle Sopel has been recognized on a global scale not just by members of royalty and heads of state. His collegue sculptors from many other countries including China, Russia, Brazil, Switzerland and Argentina are also in awe of Sopel’s work.

For the past four months Lyle has been working on a variety of exciting projects with his team outside the studio and now he’s ready to share some of his updates with you. Below you will find two different types of updates: If you’re a fan you can sign up to get Lyle’s Luxury Gemstone Sculpture Magazine, monthly newsletter and general news. If you’re a collector you can sign up to get exclusive access to view (and purchase) his newest signature sculptures before the public can.

Make sure to sign up for either one of these amazing offers as Lyle and his team at Sopel Studio have many exciting announcements coming your way in the next month!

“Lahania Galleries has had the privilege of representing the superb and unique talents of North America’s premier jade gemstone sculptor, Lyle Sopel for over 15 years. Lyle is an exceptional talent and a world class artist whose work our inner circle clients love to collect.”

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