art sculpture gemstones

art sculpture gemstones



Here are some questions that I like to contemplate.

  1. What desires keep you riveted to your studio?
    Some of the desires that keep me motivated are: I love to surround myself with the potential of beauty. I like to be challenged. I can give as much to the process of creating as I want. Probably the sense of freedom that I have in my studio is the strongest draw to my creative process.
  2. If you could have 2 of your artist mentors come and visit your studio who would they be?
    Since my early years as a young artist my choice of mentors has evolved. When I was 19 years of age, I came across Brancussi’s work while touring Italy. Henry Moore is another classical master whom I have always admired. As I continue to expand my repertoire, it becomes more evident for me to study on my own and explore the appreciation of the individuality of many of the european masters and contemporary accomplished artists.
  3. At what age do you recall having your first creative experience?
    I used to like to build projects with my father. When I was 12 years old I built a rowboat by myself, and my father let me have free reign with it. And it actually floated!
  4. What part of the creative process do you most enjoy, and in which area do you face the greatest challenge?
    When I create a piece I love the beginning because I enjoy the concept of bringing something new into the world. My greatest challenge is finishing the piece to my own standards, which can often amount to off-the-chart perfection.
  5. Why were you drawn to work with a stone that is harder than steel?
    The first time I saw jade I fell in love with it because of its beauty. I have such an affinity with the stone that the first time I ever heard the word jade, it seemed as if someone had called out my own name.
  6. When you created one of the world’s largest Jade Buddhas how did you perceive your work afterwards?
    After completing the Jade Buddha, everything that I created seemed inconsequential for awhile. Yet I was also relieved to go back to non life-sized pedestal scaled works of art.
  7. What do you most love about nature ?
    What I most strongly identify with about nature is her ever-changing magnificence. Whether it’s the seasons, weather, or wildlife, I am endlessly fascinated with the inspiration that she provides, something I like to refer to as “the theatre of nature”. I especially love the fact that all I have to do to enjoy the experience is open my eyes.
  8. How would you describe the genuine artist’s role in society today?
    The artist’s role in today’s society is to create a vehicle in which the viewer is compelled to stop, reflect and enjoy. Whatever the form of art may be, it is vitally important that artists are actively keeping humanity uplifted.
  9. How do you let go of the sculptures that you covet the most?
    I never really let them go… I remember every sculpture that I have created. In this way they always stay with me. It’s very important also when I know where one of my pieces final destinations will be. To me this completes the circle of creation. It gives me the utmost pleasure to know that one of my sculptures in being treasured daily in the home of an ardent collector.

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