Create More Now Program

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Get my proven blueprint that guarantees you will sharpen and speed up your creativity production! Delete your creative blocks by purchasing the Create More Now Course. Take this one step to develop deliberate creativity and learn to be more innovative without delay.



Create More Now Course:

Lyle Sopel has personally created a 180 page manual to help you overcome your creative blocks and unleash your most creative self. The manual includes step by step instruction, Lyle’s personal experience with creative block, and practical tips you can apply immediately.
This program includes:
Uncharted: A Jade Sculptor’s West Meets East Audacious Journey:  
Lyle Sopel’s award winning, best selling book about a Vancouver sculptor who takes an exploratory romp into the venture of mastering jade, the fine art world and the creative spirit.
The 10 Insider Secrets to Breaking Free From Artist Myths :
Learn how to create more direct profits from your art sales by following 10 steps towards a more abundant and successful lifestyle and the freedom to create what and when you want.
The Creative Genius Warrior Manual
An instructional manual all creatives should have. Lyle Sopel offers a  personal perspective through his creative journey that can both inspire and serve as a “how to” guide to unleash your Creative Genius.