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Wondrous Synergy

Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

As I complete one project and move on to the next there is a momentum that follows. The best way I can describe this is that I feel new and refreshed again. Interestingly, this momentum also leads me to regard where I have come from and where I am going as I move forward on my artistic journey. Now, as the New Year of 2016 unfolds, I have found myself reflecting on 2 significant themes of influence that continue to emerge and inform my growth as an artist: the wonder of the natural world and the influence of the Old Masters and sculptors of the Renaissance period.

Growing up in a rural area in Richmond, British Columbia, my childhood was richly imbued with the presence of nature. Spending countless hours among the woods, fields and creeks, I got as close as I could to the many creatures that thrived in the surrounding areas. Of all the animals that I observed, the frog is one of the many that stands out in my memory. At the age of around 7 years old, my fascination with this creature began and continues to this day.

frog drawing

Entering into adult life and fulfilling my dream to train and become a professional artist, I found a new- and equally rich- source of inspiration in the work of the great Renaissance artists. Travelling on several occasions to Europe, I was able to immerse myself in the exquisite achievements of these masterful figures.

Having been invited to attend a private fine art event last fall in Geneva with my wife, Colette, I embarked upon a journey that would reaffirm the importance of the Renaissance Masters as a prevalent source of my artistic influence. Arriving home after our European adventure, I noticed the unique way in which the highly refined works of the artistic masters merged with my representations of the unique ecology of British Columbia’s beautiful West Coast. It has become apparent to me that a wondrous synergy can exist between culture, art, and nature.

While my artistic vision is sparked by travelling to areas of the world that celebrate the mastery of traditional and contemporary art forms, it is my connection to nature that allows the greatness of such influences to come alive in my work. From Da Vinci to Michelangelo to Boticelli, the power and influence of nature is also evident in the work of the great Renaissance artists. My affinity with the natural world and my passion to emulate the masters offers me an inspiring milieu in which to kindle the flame of inspiration.


As mankind moves forward, rapidly evolving, the greatness of our human progress continues to amaze me. However, my appreciation is paired with the awareness that such accomplishments come with a price. As we increase the miles of concrete, glass, and civilization that we call home, we decrease the diversity of the natural world. With each passing day, the ecology of our planet is becoming more and more precious.

Nature, in all her magnificence, provides us not only with the necessary elements of survival, but also offers one of the most genuine sources of wonder and beauty, nourishing us on a deep and almost inexplicable level. Our achievements, if left unchecked, can compromise this natural environment that sustains us all. As we move forward into the bounty of this New Year, may we remember to keep our forward moving accomplishments within close sight of the preciousness of our cherished natural world. We must be vigilant about protecting her most valued treasures. As a nature inspired artist, I see it as my duty to bring awareness to this the importance of this truth.

Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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