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Time for Destruction & Creation

Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

My studio is buzzing with newness. I am immersed with materials that I have personally observed, studied and lusted over. And now I am envisioning designs, shapes, textures and colours that I can orchestrate into sculpture. It was Pablo Picasso who once said “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” With each new project I begin, I keep these inspiring words in mind.

Destruction and creation are inseparable; all things in life involve breaking apart old ideas in order to forge new ones. Destruction is actually a very dynamic, creative process. The medium that I’m using, gemstones and jade, are harder than steel and require a breaking down process, unlike clay or bronze that require an adding to or building up of the material. I actually cut into the stone and from there I chunk it up into more manageable pieces. In order to do this I do have to be comfortable with the demolition aspect of sculpting.

My focus this spring is sculpture that is tactile as well as evocative to both the eyes and the psyche. My approach is to anthropomorphize the subject so the viewer can relate some human element or experience to the piece. It is this constant juxtaposition between raw and perfect that keeps me riveted to the creative process.

During my recent travels, I picked up a sumptuous and very unique slab of labradorite that would be perfect for a new owl sculpture. I’m inspired as I study the form and characteristics of these beautiful creatures and careful consideration needs to go into which materials will be used to complement the labradorite. Watch for my upcoming blog post, I will be refreshing weekly through the website as well as on Facebook.

Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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