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The Art of the Moment

Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

Summer, delicious summer has arrived here on the West Coast. There is true bounty everywhere. The fauna, the oceans, the gardens and the trees are heavy with intoxicating scents. Even the sun that has stayed around past bedtime to revel in it all.

Abundance is everywhere but my material supply in my studio. Due to really strong demand for my work my gemstones from around the world selection is quickly dwindling. Let me rephrase this: I do have enough stones to create quite a few pieces. Yet my personal preference is to have an actual cornucopia of a wide range of selected premier pieces to choose from. When I create a bespoke unique piece for a Collector I want to approach my work bench like a painter with a palette full of luscious colours to select from. This often happens this time of year: I am halfway through my buying year and now I am having to work with gemstone purveyors on kind of a virtual basis for awhile.
My days are filled with hours and hours in the studio. Drawing out ideas, sketches, pre-cutting shapes and actualizing the natural panorama of nature that surrounds me. The eagles, blue jays, starlings, gulls, otters and shoreline that sparkles with precious life all offer oxygen for my creative endeavours. So much is alive, sometimes its hard to sleep. I know our neighbours to the north that experience sunlight 24-7 this time of year must have the biggest challenge of trying to take it all in and still get enough rest.

If you have not been privy to my most recent CELEBRATION OF SUMMER COLLECTION and some of my recent pieces, I would be happy to share it with you; kindly let us know and we will forward you my virtual Gallery package to enjoy.


Summer Collection, Lyle Sopel

Summer Collection, Lyle Sopel

Also what is up lately, is travel discussions amongst my contemporaries and my Collector friends. Where to go and what kind of ventures to take part in, seems to be the highlight of our travel discourses. With so much global unrest in the world, or how the media prefers to spew its negative spins. It seems traveling is now compromises security, comfort and service. Maybe some of its true and perhaps no matter – well excluding one or two regions one goes there is always a haven to be found. A new expedition around every corner into the unknown to be discovered. I find in my studio or in my everyday mundane life something new and wondrous is always popping up. This is the lens I prefer to view the globe through. And when I travel these are the sunglasses that I prefer to wear no matter where I am. Allowing me to learn about new levels of art and culture, and to be open to change, unpredictability, surprises and unlimited potential for experiencing a more enriching life.

Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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