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That Creative Oasis Called Inspiration.

Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

I can’t continue to dialogue about that state where all genuine Artist strive for live for and actually die for … that creative Oasis called Inspiration. If I didn’t look deeper into the other side of Inspiration. With out mentioning the absence of being enlivened with creative visions. This is the place I refer to as the Desert. Not to be confused with Dessert. Which is what an evolved person eats before their meal.

No this is the dry and rather dismal feeling of waiting for an idea. Everyone knows this terms it is also called Writters Block. And it can happen in all aspects of life, from the mundane to the – if I don’t come up with an amazing idea before midnight, I am sunk. Of course this is all part of the colourful cornucopia of feelings intuitive impulses, and emotions that accompany the Artist on his Creative journey.

Its that raw Country that has craggy mountains and slippery slopes for traversing over. It is a challenge to endure and conquer. For some genuine Artists it is the state that stops them from being great. Fortunately, I am rarely in this mind set. Rather the opposite occurs for me. Visions and ideas run through my mind and visit my imagination at random. Unless I find an idea that is so riveting and enticing. Then images and thoughts to support that innovation begin to percolate in my psyche. And before I know it I am in my Studio at the beginning stage of a new Project. I am a seasoned Artist that has learned to ride with the ups and downs – of the creative process. I have learned a vital aspect in this journey and that is the so called “ Downs “ or desert is really a time when the imagination wants to recharge. And if I remain somewhat unattached to the project, then the whole sky opens up with a plethora of visions. And for me this Sky if filled with Nature inspired ideas.

To recharge and get in touch with my connection to the creative journey. I like to be outside in a nature laden environment. I enjoy physical recreation. So for me going for a run where there is the Forest or water, be it the ocean or rivers, refuels my soul. Gives me an uninterrupted chance to relish in the moment. So I can go into my Studio refreshed and armed with a Zen like laser focus to my tasks at hand.   Recognizing all aspects of inspiration. Is really to embrace and observe the process. To realize it is organic and has its own rhythm I just have to be willing to sway with the music.

Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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