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Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

Wow it feels like I just awoke from a dream. I have had many projects and commitments on the go since my last post – which if you missed I included some photo’s excavating for some amazing extremely sought after minerals.

Its been a great dream though, I have to admit. Since returning from my journey to Arizona. I have been submerged into a velvety rich oasis of creating in my studio. Waiting for some of the Miner’s whom I had ship me some of their most precious of inventory. Waiting like a kid on Christmas morning to open one crate after another and then let the small boulders of texture and colours fill up my palette. After the stones arrive in my studio I love to relish in the infinite theatre of colours, textures wild and powerful wildlife themes as well as whimsical creature compositions.



Sometimes as I go through my materials I will think of a special request from a Collector Friend. It may be a Friend who has asked me for a certain gemstone that is extremely premier in quality. Or a Collector friend whom I enjoy spending much time with during my Art Events. Many of my Collectors have impressive records that include philanthropical, entrepreneurial, or lead significant corporations. I share with them regardless of their own passions a love of nature adoration of art and our commitment to enhancing this life with harmony, beauty and elegance. No matter how many events and gala evenings I spend with other art enthusiasts, I always return home with a fresh perspective on the world of art and what an important role nature plays in enriching our lives. This is to me life’s most precious gift – those rare opportunities to share in the beauty of art and nature.

As this past April approached I began to reminisce about last years trip to Montreal, Canada, in which Colette and I travelled in early April. It seemed very serendipitous that my schedule allowed for this 3 day trip to Montreal to be at a VIP Event with Oprah Winfrey.

Though I feel very certain the power of transformation is present with in each and everyone through our intention of will. And that no one individual can personally really influence another without that person’s permission. There are however, a small cache of extraordinary people who through their own heart of steel like conviction about bettering themselves can have enthusiasm that is actually contagious. Quite often famous or celebrated, or simply not yet recognized by the masses. There are some exceptional individuals who manage to soar beyond the 95% of the population. To have a connection with these kind of people on any level I feel is an inspiring and can be quite a life altering experience, that always stirs my creative soul. Now, in retrospect I can look back on that initial visit with Oprah and honestly say there has been a trajectory jump in my approach to my art that continues to thrive.

The following evening after the VIP EVENT with Oprah, Colette and her cousin Andre and I strolled the city seeking out genuine French Canadian cuisine. The slushy weather however, cut our search short and we ducked into a newly opened Sushi restaurant. The cuisine was not frites and mussels, Colette’s favourite but the fresh fish was amazingly delicious. It was a short snowy and spellbinding trip. Yet as with all travel – I never regret going somewhere beyond my comfort zone. Possibly because every time I arrive back – going home feels that much sweeter.

Now as we approach the Summer of 2014 – our Studio has many new launches to just about pop. Soon up will be a new link to our Sculpture site. As well as our inaugural magazine’s first edition – designed especially for beginning Collectors, or for ardent Collector’s who wish to share with their Friends and Family some new updates. This March, April and May have been booked up with Fine Art Events in California. In May at the SOPEL STUDIO we held a stunning soiree, a celebration of cherry blossomed trees and Sculptures embedded with diamonds and other precious gemstones. The Event happened to fall on the first warmest evening of the summer. Making the red carpeted garden transition from the Studio to our elegantly draped gallery foyer absolutely delightful.


Art Beauty and Nature Always.

Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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