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Order vs Organic Choas

Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

You know that feeling when you look around you and see that all of the extraneous things in your life have been removed. So you have a sense of clarity in your mind?

Well that is what I am striving for this week. I am on my way to my Studio – Warehouse on Vancouver Island. This is my other more industrial space filled with heavy equipment 4 foot saws, and selected boulders and other semi-precious stones– awaiting for my next projects. As the Fall season approaches I am in the throes of collecting equipment. That I will be using to be prepared for upcoming Special Events, and unveiling my newest Collection.

I love to begin my day in my Studio with order, and it is the last component that I conclude with as well. It might not sound very poetic for an Artist to prioritize uniformity, but for me as a Stone Sculptor it is essential. Not just for personal safety reasons , but also it is vital that I surround myself with an esthetic and harmonious structure. My working Tools are powered by electricity and at times I embrace a stone that is 50 or more pounds. Everything in my Studio has its own space and once used it must be put back. Over the years I have developed a rigorous routine. To accommodate this approach I have vacillated between being an Inventor and an Engineer.

Being on the island and so close to Nature gives me an acute sense of harmony. It gives me that feeling that the Buddhist refer to being in the flow – when time seems irrelevant as you absorb into this peaceful place. It’s interesting to note that Eckart Tolle the writer hypothesizes that only Nature in its purest form can give us a true sense of this state. He goes on to say that in a virgin forest setting that is untouched by Man – the structure of that setting appears chaotic to our vision. Yet that chaos still has an order about it – too complex for our minds to comprehend. And in that chaotic order is the kind of environment where our spirits and are energy level is refueled the most. Considerably more effective for altering our ability to appreciate nature, than say – man-made forested parkland.

I am familiar with the concept – orderly chaos, I feel through some aspects of the creative process after following through out with the visions, the planning – there comes a point that I have to give way to a little chaos. It always feel very natural. Its as if the piece I am working on at the time, says to me ok – you have done your bit now free things up a little so I can work in some magic.

This is what is so paradoxical about the creative process. On one hand you have to be incredibly vigilant about structure and control and on the other hand you have to be able to be free and open to the process.

The setting in my Studio – the stage always has to have the most impeccable order I can manage. The sensation of balance and harmony frees up the practical aspects of the sculpting process and allows my imagination to run wild.

Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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