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Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

I have accepted an invitation from a Professor friend who has requested I attend and lecture at THE 2013 ART SYMPOSIUM, through a University for the Visual Arts in Grand Rapids Michigan. Though my schedule this Fall is very full with Gallery and private Commissions. As a favour to someone who has fully supported my Career direction for many years, I was happy to accept. The travel to and from the Symposium was 5 days out of my Studio creative routine. Yet I know, at the end of this journey no matter how much interruption and inconvenience I experience. My imagination and my understanding of who I am as a human being will be more expanded.

Recently I counted how many trips that Colette and we have been privileged to partake in. My direction to expand my Sculpture repertoire as well as my Collector base over 8 years ago. Has resulted in my doing Group Showings of my work for over 40 Special Fine Art Events. Does that sound like a lot ? Not really, but when you stop and consider or when I stop and reflect it quite astonishes me. There are many complex facets involved in Group Showings. There first of all is the time it takes to create, I have to come up with a Collection of work that I feel will resonate with the particular setting. Then I have to photograph each piece, as well a Video some of the more signature works of Art. There is artful crating and shipping to the destination. Plus the necessary props that accompanies the Collection. Then… the travel arrangements the suitable attire and the appropriate presentation material. Many hours and days also have to be factored in for the task of organizing each segment of the trip months in advance.

For the Symposium we had to take over 7 pieces of luggage for regular travel purposes as well as Audio-Visual equipment. ¬†Drafts of Speech material had to be prepared as I was the Keynote Speaker at the Banquet presentation. You know the saying – most people would rather die than have to speak in front of an audience – we’ll stand true for Artist’s as well. You may have heard me say – SCULPTURE IS MY LANGUAGE – this is how I communicate to the world. Though I get very positive feedback from my talks and get asked from many different Industries to speak, I prefer to Sculpt. Yet to write drafts for a Talk is always an interesting introspective opportunity. To delve into my psyche and reflect on my great fortune of ¬†living the kind of life style that working in the Fine Arts affords one. If I was to go back to being the young Sopel Artist, and I had some Sage tell me about my future I think they would begin with this statement ; oh the places you will go and the people you will meet…



Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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