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Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

I have been preparing for another FINE ART EVENT that will take place in Maui near the end of this month. I am especially happy with a Koi Design that I will ship for the Show. At the properties where we stay in Wailea, there is a pond full of Koi. Embracing the pond are a grouping of the most gorgeous stately Banyan Trees I have ever seen. The first time Colette and I checked out this resort I felt it did not matter what the rest of the rooms were like- I wanted to view this ancient tree scene many times throughout the day. The fish are mostly bright coloured, but I find the black ones intriguing as well, and wanted to try the contrast of the rich dark Gemstone against the detailed Quartz Crystal with a panache of Sapphire. I had this piece posted up for a short while on the Gallery page. The KOI represents abundance and prosperity and I thought it would work well for the New Year. Heart of the Sea is now Sold.


blog3Though I felt devotedly velcro-ed to my Studio, I made the heroic effort to disengage from my current schedule and venture with Colette off to Maui. I am not kidding when I say that when I am feeling inspired with some new projects I want to be nowhere else but my Studio. But Maui was beckoning and I knew as soon as my feet hit the sand I would be sold. We arrived in time for perfect weather: cooler with little droplets of showers. What better way to welcome Canadians to the Island. For a couple of days we stayed at the Resort with the Koi Pond- my favourite when staying in Wailea. Then we connected up with our Event Guests and other Artist Friends for a fabulous 4 day feast of Island Excursions and Art filled special Events. We were invited to stay at a nearby brand new resort so decided to take part in this plan. The property which included 4 infinity pools – (why not? how can one even be subjected  to too many infinity pools?!) – also featured a foyer that expanded out to 180% view of the ocean. Contemporary designs with a Polynesian flavour – this is a resort that screams tropical dream opulence. Five Star rated and missing only one thing that we could possibly imagine: a grove of ancient Banyon Trees with a Koi pond. Architecture can be magnificent but in my mind nature is ultimately the crown jewel in any design application.

blog 1

Following those 4 days it was onto some leisure time peppered with some business, in between keeping my eyes peeled for whales. Yes, life by the pool – waiting for the Waitress Host – aka – Nurse, and she is actually a former Nurse, to bring some refreshments. It’s a great recipe – hanging out in the infinity pool and watching for the whales to perform the best of the best theatre of nature extravaganza – right in front of your vision. Mix all of these ingredients together and if one is not nicely chilled after this concoction then nothing will help. What is it about the ocean that is so intoxicating? Besides the live sea life there are the negative ions that splash within your being and light up every cell in your body. Renewing and recharging all circuits to a more improved condition. Guaranteed. No matter how many times I visit a tropical place, the first day I am in shock – utter shock; my logical mind cannot even fathom the depth of beauty and colour with which I am presented. Then slowly – a few hours later – my senses start to fire up, and a feeling of acknowledgement fills my heart. After that initial day I start to melt into nature and embrace her timeless state. So much in fact, that one day while walking on the beach a couple came up and asked me the time. I thought time what? As in watch with hands that move all over the place bossing you around with some fabricated agenda? The next thing I knew these words fell out of my mouth: “the time is: the sun is nearly finished setting”. They looked rather surprised so I threw in, “it must be around 6”. This milieu of timelessness is my modus operandi in my Studio.

I mentioned briefly about the whales’ performances, but allow me to expound. When I see the whales leap out of the water as if caressing the skyline, I am filled with awe. More than amazement, I feel so humbled by their presence. It’s as if gracing me with their Being is a reminder that I know nothing.  And if I think for one second that I have accomplished anything in my life, all I have to do is view these extraordinary mammals effortlessly move 79,000 pounds of weight through the water with such ease and fluidity.

When it came time to leave the Island, we spotted a mother and calf not far from shore. Then the taxi driver – a longtime Mauian – was playing songs by Frank Sinatra. He stated he was a big fan, and even had “Fly Me To The Moon” on his song compilation.  As you may recall, my most recent video – and inspiration for a recent piece, the pair of Black Swans – featured this song. It felt to me like a lovely farewell serenade as Colette and I prepared for our next venture to source out some gemstone minerals in Arizona. FYI: I have no intention of turning this blog into a “Travelog Blog” but due to the frequency of travelling to Private Gallery Events I feel it necessary to paint the outer picture as I write about my sources of creative expressions. Hopefully you the Reader is gleaming some of my insights about imagination nature and the creative process.

I welcome your thoughts.  Subject :  REFLECTIONS.



Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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