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Inspiration and What Inspires Me as an Artist

Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

Continuing on the subject of delving further into Inspiration and what inspires me as an Artist …

This is such a vast subject and so vital to my creative pulse. I can hardly wrap it up into a paragraph, so I need to further divest. I am going to try and give you an idea of how vital this aspect of the Creative Process is to an Artist.

I often describe my relationship to the world and the realm of Art like this : by simply stating ,  SCULPTURE IS MY LANGUAGE. I see the world perhaps differently than others, because I see with my eyes in three dimensional form. I have read that this trait is quite unusual in the majority of the population. Bringing another dimension to 2D Art did not become a genre until the 15th Century. To naturally have this Skill is an innate trait. And I have found over the years of training apprentices that this skill must first be evident before any elementary projects can begin in my Studio. The 3D perception is the basis of all architecture and most designed objects. The importance of being able to see in 3 Dimensional form and create Art from this realm is an ancient debate that has gone on between Sculptor’s and Painters for centuries.

For centuries a debate went on over which was a “nobler” art: painting or sculpture.

The painters said they had to invent everything and the sculptor practically nothing. His material, stone, was already a finished work of nature—beautiful, imposing. Someone pretty sophistically even said the only thing the sculptor had to do was remove the stone from a figure that was already in the block.

“Oh, come on,” said the sculptors. “A statue is a greater problem, and therefore a greater achievement, because we have to come up with a figure that looks good from many points of view, whereas you painters have only one view to worry about.”

Painters smiled at that one and went on sucking their pipes. They had plenty of arguments in their bag. “We have to invent the very light in our picture; it is already given to you sculptors by heaven. All you have to do is take advantage of natural light.”

Sculptors smiled back—a dustier smile, of course. “Our art requires much greater discipline and skill because of the serious limitations of the medium. Sculpture is like a sonnet, with the rhyme, the meter, and the lines fixed. You painters don’t have many limitations—you can depict anything: clouds, rainy days, things floating  through the air.”

You dear reader can decide which Skill is the most valued. I have ventured over to the Painting side of the Art world and found it mathematically challenging with the task of having to calibrate the hues and the values of colour constantly. Yet not as complex as taking a rough and course boulder and determining from its scale of space, length, breathe and depth. What subject or theme would best fit into its form. Then also calcululating the best part of the stone in regards to the unseen colour variations in the stone.

This is a brief look into my language. If Sculpture is my language, as I delve further into this topic. I realize that my Country ( speaking in an Artistic metaphor ) must be Inspiration. These literary analogies may give you an idea of how fundamental the language of Sculpture and Inspiration is to my creative process.

As an Artist I am inspired when I view a 3 Dimensional form. I can envision something from Nature instantly when I view a Gemstone. The feeling of inspiration that happens for me through my senses feels has innate as enjoying cloud formations as they glide through the sky. In other words there is no trying it just happens naturally. The trying and the challenge occurs after the spark of innovating visions hits my psyche.

Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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