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The Gemstone Of Universal Love

Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

Meet Kunzite!

A popular pretty pink gemstone that associates itself with universal love – The appeal of this gemstone lies in its clarity and its fine delicate pink nuances which often display a subtle hint of violet. These are delicate, exquisite hues that encompass the femininity and beauty of the gemstone. The vast array of pinks hues this stones comes in can range from intense pink, pastel pink, bubblegum pink, light baby pink, powder pink, or violet. The pink color appears due to the presence of manganese impurity in the chemical composition. Kunzite is found in several locations in the world, including Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar and the United States (chiefly in California to name a few).  Along with it’s nickname, ‘ The evening stone’ Kunzite has also been nicknamed ‘Lithia Amethyst.’

Kunzite is a fairly new gemstone. It was first discovered in the 20th century in Connecticut,  and was also found in the Oceanview Mine, located in Pala District, San Diego in Southern California, and is named after the preeminent mineralogist George F. Kunz who was the first to identified it. Although it wasn’t until the 1990’s that this gemstone became a more mainstream gem, having been used only as a collector’s gemstone prior to that time.

Kunzite’s brilliant pink colour is subject to fading in prolonged exposure to strong bright light is also important to keep this gemstone away from extreme heat.  Although the color-fading effect is very slow, most people still prefer to wear Kunzite jewelry in the evening to avoid sunlight exposure. Kunzite is regarded as an evening stone for this reason, bare this gemstone as it sparkles under the moonlit sky.


Cuts, Colour and Deposits

Deposits are quite extensive and can yield fairly large amounts of this gemstone, therefor making it one of the more affordable stone on the market. Extremely large and flawless crystals of Kunzite have been found, and these can yield very large and flawless faceted gemstone – something every collector or jewelry enthusiast dreams of.  The largest faceted Kunzite is an 880-carat specimen on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

At times Kunzite can present problems for cutters because like a diamond it has two directions of cleavage, which means that the gem can split cleanly along those directions. As a result sadly, Kunzite has been known to simply fall apart from the pressure applied during faceting. In addition, Kunzite’s color is usually concentrated down its length, or C-axis.

Cutters must factor these properties into their plans when fashioning gems to be sold. Kunzite appears in a wide variety of shapes and cutting styles. Because many crystals are relatively inclusion-free, step-cut stones are quite common.  Small gems are not commonly cut from the Kunzite stone because of its cleavage and strong pleochroism. It is most often used as a pendant stone and as a large decorating stone on ornamental objects. It is less commonly used in rings, necklaces, or other jewelry items where small stones are often required. Less transparent stones are sometimes cut into cabochons and beads.


The Value of Kunzite

Kunzite is not a very expensive stone. It is, in fact, one of the most affordable gemstones. You can even find affordable larger gems, with prices per carat ‘growing almost linearly with carat size’.

One of the deciding factors when it comes to Kunzite’s value is of course its color. The saturated pink colors can at times command higher prices. Lucky for  the brightly coloured gemstone lover, most of the Kunzite specimens have good clarity, so the clarity is almost never a factor. Generally as a rule of the thumb gemstones below 10 carats sell for around $15 to $20!


Myths and Facts

According to the ‘gemstone pioneers,’ this evening stone opens the path of spirituality for the one who bares it. The reason for this is, it builds perfect coordination between mind and heart. Its pink color is associated with the property of blending the energies of mind and spirit. Therefore it is referred as a ‘Stone of Balance’ offering emotional calmness, peace, security, harmony and maturity and even smooths out knotted muscles!

The gentle energy of kunzite helps to release blocks in matters of the heart and allows one to move to a more receptive state. It is an especially wonderful gift stone, opening a silent communion of joy and delight. This pink gemstone encourage you to open yourself to unconditional love. You may balance your emotions and feel more open and trusting and when you allow this vibration to help you open yourself to love on all levels, including self love.

Kunzite is said to augment the communication skills of the wearer as it makes it possible for one to interact better with others. It is believed that Kunzite has the power to relieve a person from unwanted stress, anger and negative feelings. Kunzite is a charm for those who have experienced failed love affairs or broken marriages as it helps to get over the broken heart. It also aids in medical healing in particular lung disorder.


Purchasing your very own Kunzite Stone

When you decide to buy your Kunzite gemstone, opt for loose instead of pre-set, you can be sure you are getting first-rate value for your money.  Loose gemstones are far less expensive and of better value, and you can truly see what you are paying for. The most important part of getting the right price and finding the best value is to first see what you’re getting.  Often a  jewelry setting will hide the inclusions on the inside of a gemstone, and can deepen or brighten its color.  With a loose stone you can more easily inspect the gem and  get a better idea of its true worth and be sure you are paying a fair market price.

More advantages of buying a loose gemstone is choice –  freedom to pick the exact color, cut, shape and variety of the stone for the setting  you dreamt of as a child, be it yellow gold, white gold, platinum or silver; prong set or bezel set with diamond accents or kept simple with the focus on the gem and its brilliant color.  You can experience the great joy of creating your very own, unique jewelry design. Choose from a variety of jewelry settings and styles to create a completely original presentation that will perfectly suit your individual gemstone needs and will be as exclusive and rare as you are!

Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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