The 2018 Art Collection - Sopel Gallery

Renowned for his world-class original jade and gemstone sculptures, Lyle Sopel expands the scope of his masterworks with the Sopel Gallery Store. We welcome you to browse the 2018 Art Collection; a selection of artworks emulating the museum caliber sculptures that have been Sopel Studio’s insignia for over three decades.


World class jade pendants that echo motifs of nobility and elegance. Each piece is an original design, executed and signed by hand. A certificate of authenticity suitable for executive giving accompanies each pendant.


Sopel’s coveted world-class sculptures are profound expressions of his affinity with nature, texture, colour and form. Working with jade, tiger-eye, quartz-crystal, amethyst, lapis lazuli, rubies, sapphires, diamonds and precious metals, each of his rare and distinctive pieces emanates a museum caliber presence.

For price of other inquiries please contact the Studio: or by phone 778-294-1218
All artworks are drawn exclusively from the collection of Lyle Sopel Studio Inc.