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Fabergé Encounter

Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

Crimson skies navy blue mountains and emerald coloured fields embrace my environment. There is such lusciousness in the moment as one takes in this surreal palette. These hues happen only during the last few days of summer. Its incredibly fleeting –  this revered presence of the sun. Living this close to nature and the shifting of the season feels almost visceral to the touch. I know as soon as the Canada Geese fly over my studio in this incredibly elegant and perfectly engineered formation. Summer is about to leave. This species of birds are one of the few that mate for life. If you ever get near them with a nest or while caring for the young you will get a sense of how commitment they are to their family. They will protect their nest with great fierceness and bravado. These type of birds are vivid in both my outer vision and my psyche.  Recently I started sketching ideas about geese as if they were dancing in slow motion, trying to catch that moment of pure elegance they can portray when they land. I then came across the perfect block of jade. And I began to envision how a pair would fit in to the dimensions of the stone as well as where the colours would align with the shapes. All the while keeping in mind the kind of passion and determination as these creatures take to the skies.  The design I came up with was creating these two bird forms and sculpt them as if there wings were petals on flowers, accentuating their elegant nature.


Soul Mates, Lyle Sopel

In previous blogs I mentioned traveling ideas. After much discussion between Colette and, we have decided to venture off to Europe this fall. We happen to have been able to free up our schedule – and take in a once in a life time rare opportunity to accept an invitation to attend The Faberge Symposium in St. Petersburg Russia. How remarkable that this Event has come up at a time when I have been for many months introducing more precious gems into my work. Since my early years as an Artist and first viewing the extraordinary works by the Fabergé Studio, I have been fascinated with this approach to sculpting gemstones. Infamous for creating intricate time pieces incorporated with egg shaped forms. This renaissance Studio for many centuries has been the most highly revered in the world. Now currently on the market these Fabergé Eggs are valued in the high millions of dollars. The style and approach that Faberge offers to the world of design has given me great inspiration over the years. I have been an admirer since I began to working with jade. And now many decades later I have the rare opportunity to  go and visit this once thriving studio that housed over 800 Artisans in the 1900’s. Included in this exclusive event is a visit to the Hermitage to view one of the largest Collection’s of Faberge object de arts. Spending time in a museum that features art – is one of my favorite obsessions – in any city I am visiting.


The Hermitage however, is reputed to be the most beautiful  and famous museum in the world, established by Katherine the Great in the mid 1700’s. The equinox has now arrived. And I will soon be immersed in the delightfully rich culture from the 17th century.

Our first stop will be Paris, a city I have not visited since my late teens. Where I spent a short time observing the Louvre and other museums. Beyond my formal art education, this really was the source where I first became captivated by the paintings and sculptures of the Masters. After a few days in Paris, we will next venture to St. Petersburg. The weather will be like visiting summer and then nearly winter. Offering a lovely contrast as I and Colette segue between centuries of classical art and perfection century on.

Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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