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Examining the Wild

Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

If you have been directed here via our June newsletter, you will find our June blog entry to the left. If you are visiting this particular blog entry as an exploration of our archives, please read on and enjoy.

As an artist who strives to capture my subject’s most unique personality traits, I aim to go beyond generally held perceptions of how a particular animal behaves. Taking my studies a step further, I delve into the subtleties of an animal’s mannerisms and attributes. These explorations add depth to my understanding and often lead me to identify surprisingly humanistic qualities in my animal subjects. This is where my personal philosophy that man and animal share the same spirit comes into play. To further examine this phenomenon I sometimes find it essential to spend time observing my animal subjects up close in their natural environments, eye to eye if possible.

For my next source of inspiration, I am excited to announce our upcoming 2015 Wild Country Grizzly Bear Venture. This summer I will be visiting a wild and remote area of the Pacific Northwest known as Knight Inlet to view grizzly bears in their natural habitat. In this environment I will be sketching en plein air and infusing my psyche with the magnificence of these wild beasts off the west Coast of British Columbia. This journey is sure to provide me with ample insight into the intricacies of this animal subject that has long held a fascination for me.

I will let you know more about this event as the plans become more concrete. Please contact me at the studio if you would like more details about this trip.


Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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