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Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

Recently I have been musing about making some major changes to the Website. This occurs every 3 years for us and it is always requires a lot of time. It brings me back into my favorite subject and that is design. Only in the 2D format that is quite challenging for me to try and conceptualize.

The realm of Design is where I live and breathe. Usually though it doesn’t involve high tech. Yet with this application, the same principles still have to be present. I hired a Designer on contract – actually a Programmer to set up all of the Coding. Here is where it can get tricky. We often bring in Designers for particular projects – they work as the hands on assistants. And the Studio here does the actual Designing.

Over the years I have found some great people who excel in the Design field. The process of hiring the best does present  itself with a rather arduous task. Even though many Artists have experience in graphic design – their interpretation of what is good design can be different than my perspective on what makes design work. I always try and stay open to new ideas, yet I stay with the foundation of great design and that is the elements of balance, rhythm, and harmony.

When I come across other Designers perspectives that I feel don’t include all of these elements. I find its great food for thought– to further contemplate what is good design. I am almost compulsively possessed with trying to achieve this
balance and satisfy my high standard When I am working on a piece, sometimes I will go back and forth with a small detail.  That to the viewer’s eye may hardly notice. And yet to me it is a huge conundrum. It’s the kind of unfinished detail that can echo through my psyche all day. For determining if a Sculpture is balanced and is comprised of good design. I have to contemplate not only the physical form but also the space around the form. And make sure that area also encompasses the foundational design elements.

The best way I can express interpreting Design – is in the feeling that intuitively comes up for me. There is a connection  between my eyes and my heart that happens instantaneously. I look at the Design and I know immediately if there are those
3 elements. What I don’t always know, if one of those elements are missing how to correct it so there is the balance again.
And sometimes, that mystery can take me in to waking up in the wee early hours to muse. A perfect time when the rest of  my near by world is asleep. A time when often great solutions and inspiration come to me.

Recently, I was working on Rabbits. According to Chinese Legend this Creature is symbolic of abundance, wealth and creativity. As I worked out the theme of this piece – I came across a balance problem. I wanted to incorporate these stunning Amethyst Crystals onto a Crystal-Quartz surface.

Yet how to bring in this brilliantly coloured purple element without taking the spotlight away from the subject – the Rabbit. I entertained the idea of bringing in more subjects to soften the effect of too much colour. I tried many different approaches to achieve the balance. I knew there were 2 subjects rather than 1 – which was what I was trying to achieve.

Yet I was in love with the lusciousness of the Amethyst. I went back and forth a few times oscillating between changing the direction and level of elevation of the subject. I did eventually solve the puzzle to my complete satisfaction.

This process to achieving my perfect piece can happen like that or it can happen very fast almost magically. I really have no preference, because solving the Design Puzzles takes me to a deep place where I have to tap into my intuitive side and let the Artist within me speak.

Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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