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A Winter of Extraordinary

Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,


Its the inside story again. By that I am referring to how winter the long dark days tend to draw me inside. Though I love the sun and any opportunity to be outside in nature. As an individual who thrives on inspiration I also value the inner terrain of my own psyche. As the popular saying states – ” Its all about me “. Which sounds a bit shallow and narcissistic. Yet there is this aspect to the personality of one who is devoted to the creative fire. I do believe that all Artist’s to a certain degree have strong omnipotent propensities in their character. I think also what defines an ordinary artist from an extra ordinary artist is this; most artists view their work from a place of being aware of all of the hard work and dedication he or she has given to their art form. The extraordinary artist, while still having a sense of the loyalty that is involved towards honing his mastery. Also believes within his soul that at some point in the creative process he is not alone with his art. There is another level of guidance that is esoteric-al and subtle in nature.

lyle sopel sculpture art

lyle sopel sculpture art


Consider the Master Painters and Sculptor’s how in tune they were with their inner guidance system. ¬†Certainly after spending time in Paris at the Louvre and especially with in the walls of the Faberge Museum in Paris I feel more supported in my work than ever. I don’t mean to imply here that I set the stage – as in create the design and then sit back and relax while I wait for the impulse to cut into a form or a gem. I still have to do all of the physical, grinding, muscling around heavy rocks, sculpting delicate shapes fine enough for the light to catch natural patterns within the stone. I have to be one hundred percent present in my body and in my mind, this is the state I strive for. And only when I think it is not humanly possible to offer more intention to my work of art, a release happens. A shift occurs, quite mystical in nature and I see what I am working on from a different perspective.

There is a theory that all Mastery takes is to study and apply some skill for over 10,000 hours and a very ordinary individual can achieve mastery. This author makes it sound very potential for there to be millions of masters in different disciplines all across the globe. This may be so but I do wonder how many are truly extraordinary ? Judging by this statistic one can master a skill but how exceptionally masterful can a person devoted to their practice become ? Contemplating this science I went to study the famous Artists of the Renaissance and Russian Imperial period. What was their understanding about Mastery ? To really have this knowledge one would have to spend a lifetime most likely in each of these Artist’s studio’s and gallery spaces not to mention their homes and social environments. Yet just the brief time I spent in their ambience I feel a part of this elite group as I never have before. After all Faberge championed beauty in nature, adored gems including jades and was passionate about the arts. In all of my years as an Artist I have never experienced such a profound level of perfectionism as I have seen – not touched in the works of Karl Faberge.

lyle sopel sculpture art

lyle sopel sculpture art

When I wasn’t mesmerized by the superior objects de art, at the Faberge Museum and the Hermitage. I was salivating with all the rich colours and patina’s everywhere. I could hardly wait to be in my Studio again, and experiment with my new colour and form visions. I also knew I had to wait for over 4 months till I could re-stock my gemstone palette. And now finally the time has arrived – this will be one of my next ventures. ¬†As I had mentioned in the Jan NL 2015, I will be sourcing out the most sought after exquisite materials to embellish and create this year’s collection. Following attending and showing at A Fine Art Event in Maui, I will be travelling with Colette and our Son Protege Kurtis to venture to the Purveyor’s of world class precious and semi-precious gemstones.Watch for all colours of the rainbow and textures to soon be launched later this year.

I began this blog sharing about how valued I feel the world of exceptional is. And how under valued this word has become in today’s society. To further enhance this perception I want to express this poem by Mary Oliver ” What I want in life is to be willing to be dazzled – to cast aside the weight of facts and maybe even to float a little above this difficult world “.


Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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