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A Visit to Orange County

Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

It’s the summer here in Vancouver, and super gorgeous. We get a window of about 3 months at the most with no rain. Everything – all of the Spring Gardens have finished blooming – and the late August blossoms are just starting. This is the time of year that when Visitors come to the City – they fall in love with this place. Living close to Nature and the Ocean, we can enjoy the Bald Eagles, go Kayaking and take in the delicious sea salt air.

I am reflecting on my surroundings right now, as we prepare to travel to a Fine Art Event with private Collectors in California. Colette and I will be staying with close Collector Friends at their stately Mansion near Hollywood Hills. For a lot of months I have been working on 2 Commissions – rather large scale Guardian themed Wildlife Bird designs. The Owl piece is created using mostly an emerald like coloured Jade, and the Humming Bird Theme is surrounded by faceted Multi- precious and semi-precious stones.

It took me many hours of contemplation and sketching to come up with the right combination of forms and shapes that would nicely accommodate both the positive and negative spaces. You may or not be aware of this design element. The space outside of the forms in Sculpture can be just as important as the area the – dense form itself. When I design a piece, whether its undulating in my imagination or on paper, this space is forefront for me at all times. Without the flow that helps the Viewers eye move from inside the Sculpture and back outside there is no movement from within the piece itself. It is an essential component to making a Sculpture come alive.

To this Special Event I am also bringing a Surprise – a new offering that I have not shown before in this kind of Gallery setting. This project has taken many many months and is still a work in progress. But I am pleased enough thus far to show it.

Watch for an Announcement of a new launching in the next while. It’s a complex process for me to bring in anything new to my existing genre. Yet I feel its very important , as an Artist who has lofty ambitions to keep the work fresh and always evolving into more fabulousness.

Orange County is such a beautiful place to visit, always a treat. However, my heart will be split as we venture away from our mountain and ocean laden home ; at a time of year when not even our beloved California can outmatch our northern west coast pristine experience.

Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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