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A Collector Honors My Work Event

Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

I have now returned back from Lotus Land. Back to the cooler refreshing West Coast sphere that I call my home, interesting fact that the whole population of Canada can fit into Orange County, California. Though by choice I prefer to live in a less people congested environment. I can appreciate why notable Artists, Actors and Musicians spend so much time in this State. I feel inspired and invigorated when I am there also. It is not by coincidence that this area – Anaheim and Los Angelo’s is the home of Disney and Hollywood.

Since the early 20’s Creative Individuals from a vast range of Art related Industries have flocked to this locale. Georgia O’keefe and many of her contemporaries also found this area a Mecca for reflection and inspiration.

Every time I go back and spend time in this sun soaked Art infused region a longing is ignited inside of me to continue to explore and expand my form and texture rich imagination.

Its not surprising when I think of the synergy I feel with the Anaheim area, that I have many ardent Collectors’ who reside in this County. I have just returned from a visit with one of my Collector Friends who I have been working in collaboration with in creating 2 Signature original Sculptures for their palatial residence. They gave me the idea of their preferred subjects and then I presented them with drawings to inspire and embellish upon their initial spark of a vision they had in mind.

After selecting their favorite renderings I then went a head and designed their pieces into 3D plaster sine models. It’s helpful for both the Client and myself if we can get a perspective of the scale and the feel of the character of the piece, before I go ahead with the sculpting process.

Once the scale and subject matter is determined then I began the some times arduous task of getting in touch with Miners and Purveyors’ from around the Globe. To find the perfect Gemstones that I can incorporate into these works of Art, upon collecting these precious Gem and Mineral Specimen and precious metals, then on to engineering and designing the slated composition.

After the initial phase of sculpting the forms according to my Client’s preferences. I began to create the 2 Sculptures. Many months later, due to the scale and complexity of these pieces, the Masterpieces were finished to my Client’s delight.

The process of working in collaboration with me as the Artist to have the Sculpture of your dreams – is a once in a life time Creative Experience. For this reason, many of my private Collector Friends over the years enjoy having a Celebration as the pieces are installed in their homes. And for these Client’s having their new original Signature SOPEL SCULPTURES, unveiled in their home for the first time was also a momentous occasion, worthy of an Artful Event.

A feeling of great satisfaction and quite honestly relief mixed with joy washed over me as I took part in the unveiling of these unprecedented Sculptures. The day was gorgeous. The sounds of the classical instrumental quartet stirred the soul, and the company, including the Hosts; my Collector Friends were delightful. As the unveiling took place in the garden, statues of Grecian Gods and Goddesses located around the pool and Fountains seemed to relish in the soiree as well.

To know that my pieces are installed in Collector’s Homes and from what my Collector Friend’s tell me “ Enjoyed and admired everyday “ gives me a wonderful sense of completion and balance. It is the part that fulfills the creative circle for me. Even if I have not seen my Collector Friends for sometime, when we do connect – it is at a deeper level. For I not only share with them the joy of Nature inspired Art but I know that they live with some part of my heart and soul – because this is what I infuse in every piece I create.

Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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