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Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

When we – including Colette my wife, muse and partner, our Protégé Son Kurtis and a multitude of suitcases, camera’s and promotion material in tow. Arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan we had journeyed from the time we left our home to our destination roughly 12 hours,considering the time difference and waiting in between Airports forever factor. Once a little settled we strolled into a fantastic Italian Restaurant where we seriously treated ourselves. In our house the diet or food plan we follow – more Colette than myself as she somewhat steers the Family palette ; is the Dinosaur or Palaeolithic plan – basically sans the white anything and pasta everything. So when you deprive yourself of such inflammatory delicacies the opportunity to gorge on white flour is stupendously enticing. Following our delightful meal with perfectly poached pears and a creamy Gorgonzola salad. We continued to wander the streets of the small scaled City of Grand Rapids.

I didn’t have any expectations really, about our trip. I take excursions like these with an attitude of trying to be as open as possible, regardless of curve balls that occasionally get thrown at me. Most of the time, my trips are filled with extraordinary experiences that open up my eyes and my heart. Experiences or ventures that may last only a few minutes but remain with me for quite sometime after. It was now nighttime and the sleepy City seemed to be on alert for any kind of extra curricular fun. The same time the Symposium was on there was another Art Event taking place in the downtown area. Infamously known on the world stage as ART PRIZE. A large scaled non juried Competition of over 1600 Artists from around the world exhibit their Art, captivating an Audience of over 500,000 Spectators.

The exposure to new idea’s and revelations in the creative realm always trigger’s my imagination. Even viewing one Artist’s visual expression of passion. Can inspire me in ways that are unorthodox to my normal pattern of thinking about design applications. While walking through one of the main streets, we came across a newly created apparition in the sky. One of the Contestant Artist had taken his entourage on to the street. In his hands a rope was attached to a mobile form that was floating between the buildings, it was that massive. Seeing this form, a naked Angel with mini lights embedded into her silhouette moving with the sway of the wind was such a surreal experience. We came across this Work of Art very serendipitously and my mind stopped for a moment while I took in the spectacular moment of awe that it had evoked within me.

Having experienced this visually transcending Event. Brought me back to reflecting about how arresting Art can be when it works for our senses. Opens up the wondrous portals in our minds. It can kick start the emotion of surprise and unravel our imagination. A true Art experience prepares us for seeing new again and thinking openly. Helping us to become more whole and unleashing our archaic concepts that stifle our creative urges. This is why I live surrounded by Art. It is the vehicle that keeps me connected to the refresh button.

Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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