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Serendipity’s Plan

Lyle Sopel -

Dear Collector Friend,

The skies these days are crisp and frozen with scintillating colours that celebrate the setting sun in magnetizing tones. In a heartbeat, one can recognize these velvety hues as the colour of winter. You may take note on the sculpture I have selected for our newsletter this month. The piece, titled “COOL MOVE” (shown below), celebrates the irresistible mauves and violets of the winter sunset. Incorporating the icy smooth finish of a quartz-crystal polar bear with a carefully selected specimen of deep violet amethyst, the piece is a marriage of colours and textures that honours our beautiful west coast winters.


1 Winter Sunset December


During the fall and winter months, I often reflect on the events that have enriched my art practice over time. The theme of serendipity seems to be surfacing regularly. While each of my sculptures is executed through much diligence, effort, and hard work, every now and then something else is needed to bring a piece to its full fruition; some kind of external, unplanned input. In recognizing this, I have learned over the years that my sculptures often possess a momentum of their own. “COOL MOVE”, in particular, is a piece that illustrates this truth.


Intending to place the finished quartz polar bear for “COOL MOVE” on what seemed to be the perfect specimen of amethyst, I found myself struggling to achieve balance in the composition. One morning, as I was carrying the amethyst to my studio bench, it slipped from my hands and cracked in two shards. A burst of awe quickly followed an initial wave of surprise as I lifted the pieces to recognize the outcome of this fortuitous happening. It was clear the amethyst shards had become perfect in form and I could now achieve the dynamic balance needed to bring the piece to completion. Unbeknownst to my initial vision, this work of art had its own serendipitous plan all along.





Working in the creative realms, life often throws curve balls, such as the one I experienced with “COOL MOVE”. Being able to recognize the potential of each situation comes down to a question of perspective. I’m always looking for the benefit in each experience and I try to find the element of good in all things that occur. This outlook invites an element of magic and harmony to permeate the creative process.


My quest is to continually calibrate my compass to guide me towards the creative flow of such harmony. It is important that I am in a balanced state of mind and that my milieu resonates with ease and joyfulness. Sometimes in order to achieve these elements, I am guided to take a short pause from the pulsing studio environment and walk out into nature.


The winter skies of late have filled me with a reservoir of colour, tranquility and balance that I have drawn on during my time in the studio. I am feeling ready and poised as I engage with my current projects to develop my next body of work, which I look forward to sharing with you all in the coming New Year.


Art, Nature, and Beauty Always,


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